An international project: In March 2004 the project "Chess Position Trainer" was born. Originally the motivation was to implement for the first time the time-proven flash-card concept for a chess training program. This idea was sent from Stefan Renzewitz to the market leader at that time. Fortunately he got a reply very late. After a short market analysis Stefan Renzewitz decided to develop a chess software on it’s own. In order to not start from the scratch he looked for a royalty free component which would represent a chessboard as well as verify move rules. Not much later he found such a component: Cafechess by Gregory Prentice from Seattle (USA). It turned-out that getting to know Gregory was the best thing which could happen. While he concentrated on essential functionalities like the chessboard, PGN parsing and chess engine support, Stefan could focus on conceptualization and implementation of the flash-card concept. Thus on June 13th 2004 there was already the first version of Chess Position Trainer available.

The authors

Stefan Renzewitz, Cologne (Germany)
Gregory Prentice, Seattle (USA)