Import / Export

Create your own Chess Repertoire in a few Minutes

import-1Chess Position Trainer let you import and export chess databases and chess games in the international PGN format. Hence you can create a chess repertoire with several openings in minutes just by using the import and afterwards fine-tuning it in Chess Position Trainer.



Your Work is not stuck to Chess Position Trainer

Of course you can export your chess repertoire in the international PGN format at any time. So your work is never stuck to Chess Position Trainer.


EPD-Export and -Import

This opens a new dimension in conjunction with the Min-Max-Function. Export all end positions of your chess repertoire to analyse them with a specialized program. Afterwards import all position evaluations into your repertoire and finally use the Min-Max-Function.


  • I have been recommending Chess Position Trainer to students for several years now as part of a multi-pronged approach to learning openings. [...]"
    GM Nigel Davies (
  • "I'm recommending it to all my students. It's the best program for openings."
    FM Eric Peterson
  • "If you have the opportunity check the program out, it is hard to find someone who is not an ardent supporter of CPT specially, if you're an opening geek like me."
    FM Charles Galofre
  • "...this is almost exactly what I had wanted to see in a chess program for a long time! It is a thing of the future, for sure."
    IM Jovan Petronic - Advisor / Computer & Internet Chess, FIDE Senior Trainer



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