Chess Position Trainer Update

You need a CPT 5 license (purchased after January 4th 2014) to run this version. There is an upgrade offer for owners of an older license (see Details). 

You need Windows 7 or higher to run this new CPT version as it requires the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5+, which is not supported by Windows XP. 

Release Notes Version 5.1

New Features

  • Training: Now, it is possible to select a complete repertoire or folder for training. Then your selections like “Only learned/scheduled positions” can be applied to all openings of the folder (e.g. Black).
  • New import wizard for importing repertoire elements from a CPT 5 database.
  • Importing of complete structure (folders, openings and variations) of a CPT 5 database is possible now.
  • Engine output window: start / stop analysis button added.
  • Engine output window: best line or complete analysis can be copied as comment (check the blue plus button).
  • Engine output window: clicking on a line adds the first move as candidate move to the opening.
  • New GoTo position option: you can now search all openings for a specific position type like “>1 candidate moves”, marked as “Training” etc. Just check the new “All” button. Of course you can also still search just the current opening.
  • New training statistic and history charts tracking the results of all your training sessions.

Changes / Improvements

  • Flat dark skin is the new default skin (blue is available too). Ribbon icons have been changed to flat icons.
  • Default font size and font can be defined for position comments. No longer do you have to change the font every time you want to edit a new position comment. This also means you can easily change the values and thereby change the font (size) of all position comments as long as you’ve formatted them with the default font. Just changing the default font will be sufficient.
  • Mouse wheel supported to navigate through an opening or a game in the Run Games Against Repertoire window.
  • Engine analysis: time for analyzing of openings (“Max. time to analyze a position") can be incremented without any limit allowing to do deeper analysis per position.
  • Engine analysis: if a comment already exists a new engine comment is added to the next line and not into the same line.
  • Engine analysis: if an engine analysis has been added to a position comment the program did not check if the same analysis already exists. Now, only new analysis is added.
  • Run games against repertoire: Location and size of window are restored.
  • Removed the repertoire element sub-variation (see next item).
  • Variations can be added to variations without any limits regarding variation depth (in other words you can add a variation as a child to a variation as a child to a variation as ….) giving you even more freedom to organize your repertoire.
  • Repertoire elements can be re-ordered by drag & drop even if they are child items of the same parent.
  • Adding a position as new topic allows you to change the name immediately.
  • Last tabiya index is restored when you switch between topics or openings in the Repertoire Explorer.
  • Topic limits for total number of tabiyas removed.
  • Repertoire module: not active tabs can be closed and the program will remain at the current tab without losing focus.
  • Knowledge statistic used the opposite order for openings and topics compared to the repertoire explorer.
  • Scrollbars for all windows are hidden unless required providing more space for content.
  • Import PGN: complete games can be imported as tabiyas too. Prior it was only possible to import games, which had an explicit FEN tag (which regular games usually don’t have).
  • Training: Size and location of hint window will be restored.
  • Training: Color and width for arrows and circle can be adjusted.
  • Training: Smart Input mode can be directly changed in the training ribbon during a training session.
  • Fonts and icons could look blurry under Windows 10. They should always look crisp now.
  • Performance improvement for variations when they are shown (e.g. you click on it in the Repertoire Explorer). Now they are instantly shown.
  • Performance for topics has been greatly improved.
  • Performance of switching between opening and training module improved.

Bug Fixes

  • Engine: Kommodo 7/8/9 did not run. Fixed.
  • Engine options: wrong time measurement displayed for “Max. time (ms)”. It is seconds and not milliseconds.
  • Issues with importing topics fixed.
  • Opening analysis: engine analysis stopped when detecting a mate position and thereby stopping the whole opening analysis. Fixed.
  • New openings / topics should always have a score of 0%.
  • After loading the module “Running games against repertoire” and closing it, it is not possible to load the module again unless the selected opening is changed.
  • Training: Recall statistic was not updated for “Recall all”.
  • Layout of Repertoire Explorer was not restored.
  • Training topics: “only scheduled” was not working properly and rather like random.
  • Training topic: statistic for recalls is not updating the number of remaining tabiyas
  • Training: sometimes an error message was shown saying that an object was not set.
  • Training: program would force to repeat lines with a mistake even if this option was disabled.
  • Training: Resetting training scores did not refresh the training score of the corresponding repertoire elements, if a complete opening or all were reset.
  • Auto-loading of last database failed and lead to an error message if the file didn’t exist any longer at the expected file path.
  • Some memory leak issues fixed.
  • License issues fixed where the new license code was not accepted or remembered.
  • Many other minor things or improvements in the background..

Update Instructions

  • Download new version.
  • Run the installation.
  • The setup will automatically detect previously installed version and deinstall it.


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System Requirements

Minimum: Pentium III 1 GHz, 1 GB RAM, Windows Vista, XP (Service Pack 3)

Recommended: PC Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.4 GHz, 8 GB RAM, Windows 7

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