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TOPIC: Use of CPT (and misuse?): Online Play.

Use of CPT (and misuse?): Online Play. 6 months 3 weeks ago #829

I recently stumbled into an issue...I never thought would be an issue.

I have played on ICC (Internet Chess Club) for...probably 15 yrs. Mostly unrated and mostly 5 - 0 or less. Just humans...not computers. I got the idea that a good way to actually practice my CPT repertoires AFTER they end would be to open CPT...start a game on ICC...and then tab thru my opening up to the 17 half moves I currently have in my repertoire...and IF my opponent cooperated and played those lines...I could then slow down a bit and actually think about how to proceed in some of these lines I have never got the chance to play.

After a week or two, I got an email saying I was violating the 'fair play' policy! Now, I always presumed that was in regards to use of engines - move generating programs - which I did not use. I mean, it's no different than consulting a physical book (which is legal)...but it was pointed out that one could not have other 'chess programs' open wile playing online. It does say something about that in the rules!

So, first a WORD OF WARNING - watch out for that! They say I could register as an engine (which I am not...and am not using so that puzzles me) and continue as I was.

I found it most helpful so now I am disappointed...so I was wondering if anyone knew of sites which permit you to do this...which to me is really just using a book. I also am on the Chessbase playing site (but have not used CPT there) and Chess.com as well.

I presume they found out because...well, I don't know: Maybe Blitzin (which resides on your computer) has something IN the program which monitors what else you might be doing?? What programs you have open?? I know they have algorithms which can detect 'cheaters' via your play (but that seems unlikely here as I was only using CPT to about 17 half moves at most...I guess I could have continued with some fairly forcing lines for many more moves on my own now that I think about it...). I play turn based chess on chess.com (correspondence chess if you will) and know they rely heavily on algorithms to detect 'cheaters'...guess I need to see how they define 'cheaters'.

I suppose I could play online on another computer and tab thru my repertoire on my main computer, but if what I was doing is really a violation, I really would not think that proper....just maybe more likely to be undetectable.

Anyway...thoughts, suggestions?
And beware of this warning!
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Use of CPT (and misuse?): Online Play. 5 months 2 weeks ago #839

So you really didn't think that using computer assistance to achieve perfect opening play against other humans would be wrong? Maybe you could try running another chess program with just a tablespace engine engaged so you could practice your end game against folks... lol

Stop cheating an play fair, use your brain and not outside assistance... If you wouldn't be allowed to use it in a face to face tournament don't use it in online rated play!

Hmm... the fact that they caught you does make me more likely to play on ICC ( less chance of cheaters in games) ....
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Use of CPT (and misuse?): Online Play. 5 months 2 weeks ago #840

Now, now...just cool your heels.

First, not all memories are created equal. Mine is not so good. I am not sure what the difference would be between having an ECO in your lap vs CPT. Same deal, just one is paper and one is not. Actually, if I printed an opening I am trying out from CPT, it's absolutely no difference from looking at an ECO.

I used '17 half moves' below as an example. In a Dragon, that doesn't even get you to where White castles let alone near the end of theory where you actually get to start 'playing'...rather than remembering and blatantly repeating what others have done. It got me part of the way.

Oh, and it was ever just offhand games, no tournaments and not rated. IE: chess for fun. The way it is supposed to be. :dry:
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Use of CPT (and misuse?): Online Play. 2 months 2 weeks ago #863

I haven't been on ICC for quite a while. Don't they had a provision for logging on anomalously for members that are using computer assistance.

OTB the rule are very strict - W. So was forfeited for writing affirmations during play at St. Louis!

But you are correct, players with a photographic memory have a huge advantage, not just in the openings. Older players often have much greater chess knowledge, but fail on memory (both opening preparation and holding remnant positons during calculation).
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leavenfish 2 months 2 weeks ago #864

Right, it is largely biological...and that we can live with. It does bother me though that I do believe they will let you have an ECO in your lap.

I can't see the difference between that and having CPT on the same computer...as long as you do not have an analysis engine running. That of course would indeed be a rule violation.
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