Wednesday, 30 November 2011

CPT 4 - Release Candidate available

The release candidate version is 99% feature complete. The biggest change is the new training module. A show stopper issue just before releasing this new version stopped me from including the last big new feature: new chess pieces. So, this will be saved for the final release.

I really hope the separation of the training functionality will make it more intuitive for all non-professional CPT users (I myself can't imagine anymore how CPT life was before :)). Furthermore I listened to the complains that the program pushes too much the recall mode. It is less pushing now. The clear separation of training modes to learn new positions or recall already learned positions should help too.

Left on the ToDo list are new move & capture sounds and documention.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that I have added a backup system. Once enabled the program will automatically take care that a daily, weekly and monthly copy of your repertoire database is created.

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